Office visit for eyes/skin/ear infections/itchy skin - $49.

Miscellaneous services:

Spay/Neuter (See Spay/Neuter Page)
Dentals (See Dental Page)
Fecal exam (done in house) $27
Microchip (includes lifetime registration) $24.95
Nail trims $10
Anal gland expression $10
Replacement rabies tag $4
Capstar (small and large sizes) Small $9.50, Large $10.50
Ear Mite Check $2.50
Ear cleaning $7.50 (we are not able to do sedation cleaning) - dogs and cats
Ear cleaning solution (does not require a prescription) $12
Health Certificate Domestic $55
* Must have originating and destination name, address and telephone number*

Rabies vaccines (dogs and cats)

Canine Vaccinations:

Distemper/Hepatitis/Parainfluenza/Parvo $31
(same price for puppy vax and for adult yearly boosters)
Bordetella oral vaccine $31
Leptospirosis $22

4 DX Heartworm Test $48 
Heartworm test $31
(we take a small amount of blood and run in-house. This takes about 8-10 minutes)

We carry Heartgard chewables and K9 Advantix (do not use on cats)

Heartgard prevents heartworms, roundworms, and hookworms

please see Flea/Tick/Heartworm Info page for product pricing.

Feline vaccinations:

FVRCP - (distemper/rhinotracheitis/calici virus) - $28
FVRCP/Feline Leukemia all-in-one vaccine - $42
Rabies $10
Combo test (feline leukemia/feline immunodeficiency virus) - $45.50
(we draw blood for this and read test in 8-10 minutes)
Deworming $8 for all sizes, $12 adults (nemex - rounds and hooks)
Droncit injection for tapeworms (based on weight) - approx $22 for a 10 lb cat
Nail trim - $10
Kittens are $8 for all sizes

Profender dewormer for roundworms, hookworms and tapeworms in a single dose
2-5.5 lbs $20
5.5-11 lbs $23
11-17.6 lbs $26

Please call us to ask about any other services you may need. If we cannot provide them, we will advise you accordingly

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